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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process after I call or e-mail you?

After we have been contacted to do a quote either by phone or email we will set up a time to do a physical look at the area and provide you with a written quote.

Is it going to be smelly and make a mess?

Paint these days are becoming more and more environmentally friendly and have far few VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) which is what causes the odor. Some people are more sensitive to smell but most people notice very little odor.
When we do a project, such as a repaint in a home, the amount of dust that is created is completely dependant upon the amount of patching that is required. Every time we need to do a repair we use a type of drywall mud that has to be sanded. There is no way to be completely dustless.

What brand of paint do you use?

We use Cloverdale Paint. The most common product that we use is Super Acrylic II. This is a 100% acrylic latex paint that is durable and washable. It can be tinted in almost any color. Be aware that the darker the color the less washable it becomes. When you go to a really deep color there is a large amount of tint that is put into the can. That tint is what causes the challenge for washability. One of the other challenges with darker colors is burnishing. This happens when a wall is scrubbed hard and it creates a glossy surface that can be noticeable.

How do people choose colours? I can't make up my mind.

Choosing is probably one of the most difficult decisions when it comes to painting your home. Color is definitely beautiful in the eye of the beholder. What looks nice to one person can be hideous to someone else. We do our best to stay away from helping people choose colors. The staff at Cloverdale Paint are also very helpful and you can go to any of the other hardware or paint stores for suggestions. If you still can’t make a decision then an interior decorator is probably your best choice.

What finish is best?

Typically walls are painted in an eggshell finish and doors and trim are semi gloss. The glossier the paint the more you can scrub your walls without burnishing them. On the flip side if you choose to use a glossier paint on the walls be prepared to see more imperfections. No wall is perfect. Our opinion is for walls use a higher end eggshell finish. One other note of interest is it is important to allow 30 days to pass by before you start washing walls. That is the time that it takes for the paint to cure. If you can wait longer than that it would be even better.

Are you insured?

We carry $2,000,000.00 commercial general liability insurance.

I just need a bathroom painted. Is it too small a job for you?

We work on any size jobs. From a wall in your home to multi million dollar complexes.

Is there a way of doing things which is more environmentally friendly?

Over the years paint products have changed significantly. Lead was outlawed a few years ago and just recently oil based paint is no longer used. The government is continuing to change standards and lowering the VOC’s that are acceptable. There are products that are now low to zero VOC’s but I have found them to not be as durable as the acrylic latexes.

What should I do with leftover paint?

Left over paint should be kept at your home so that when the walls get some minor damage they can be repaired and repainted with the same paint that was originally used. If you are changing colors and no longer have need for the paint it can be taken to the local recycling depot where it is recycled. Never pour paint down a drain or onto the ground. There is no cost to take the paint to the recycling depot.